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Conspiracy theory anyone?

So today Apple announced how they have upgraded the wallet feature on the iphone 6. Replacing your wallet, the new iphone has the ability to become your mobile wallet. Your virtual wallet. So you can buy and sell with it. It’s called Apple pay. Actually, it’s the apple symbol with the word pay after it. You can even utilize the new forthcoming apple watch (syncs wirelessly to your phone) to pay.

Heaven is for Real

It will digitize your credit card information, your banking, etc. They say that apple won’t track anything, but can they? That is the question.

Here’s a conspiracy theory for you to consider, and I’ve always wondered about this, in a sort of tongue-and-cheek way.

Have you ever wondered why the Apple Logo is a fruit with a bite taken out of it? Why a bite taken out ? They say it’s in reference to Isaac Newton… but why a bite?

This has bugged me for years… and is very Interesting indeed. I’m not dying on this hill, I’m not suggesting THIS IS the mark of the beast.. but man…. It sure has that flavor. Can this be 666, or a foreshadow? Not to sound kooky, but this is spooky.

“Apple Pay will forever change the way all of us buy things” – Tim Cook, CEO Apple Inc., September 9, 2014.

Serving the King,

J.R. Hall