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Canada Votes

Elections should be about what we are for rather than what we are against. So, when I hear about people who are wanting to “vote strategically,” the irony is not lost on me. The truly strategic thing to do is to vote for a party who you believe will actually take this country in a better direction after getting elected. Strategic voting to just 'oust' someone, does nothing except possibly put someone in power who has no real plan for the future.

You can 'strategically' vote and have a chimpanzee end up as prime minister, and while you may have successfully ousted the other guy, you now end up with a chimp for prime minister. Bananas.

Vote for the person in your riding whom you think will make the best positive changes in your riding. Vote for the person that you think will benefit your family more in the long run. That's how democracy is supposed to work. Fear mongering, guilt and peer pressure voting defeats the whole purpose.

Besides, I live in the west, and as we all know (for those of us who live in the west) it really doesn't matter what we vote, because by the time the ballots are counted in Ontario and Quebec... It's all over. Federally it doesn't matter what I vote in the west, it really doesn't help much at all. We've always lived under the shadow of the population heavy provinces.

Remember when your voting, we are not a Republic like the USA. We vote for MP's in our individual ridings. Vote for your riding. Not nationally. We don't cast separate votes for Prime Ministers like the US does presidents. You get good people with integrity in the MP seats, and they will cast their votes in the house that represent you and your local community better. We start voting with the Prime Minister in mind, and you might as well just not vote at all. In that case, you might as well just let Ontario and Quebec finalize the National vote for you, and you can stay home oblivious.

I will vote because it is a privileged and a right to do so. But I'm going to vote for the local candidate I think is best for the job. Quite frankly you can take your advertisements and stuff it. Tell me what you can do for the future, and if you can't do that without belittling the other guy, you don't deserve my vote.

So on October 19th go out and vote, but please, for the sake of all of us... make your own decision.