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Is 'Heaven is for Real' for Real?

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Now that a new movie with this title is coming out, I thought it would be pertinent for us to look again at the story behind it, and why Evangelical Christians should not only avoid this book, but avoid others like it. We should not support this movie, this book, nor the unbiblical facts that it presents.

Back in 2007 our friend Tim Challies wrote this in his daily blog.

Heaven is For Real - A Book Review by Tim Challies.

Embarking on a short tour of the afterlife is all the rage, it seems. Don Piper got it started with 90 Minutes in Heaven, a really bad book that sold millions of copies. Then there was 23 Minutes in Hell, another bestseller and another awful book. And now hot on their heels comes Heaven Is For Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back. It’s currently sitting atop the New York Times list of bestsellers and has over a half million copies in print. I wonder if I’m the only one who finds it a mite suspicious that now that these books are selling like proverbial hotcakes, more and more people find that God wants them to tell their stories of heaven and hell. Probably not.

Heaven is for Real

Heaven Is For Real is written by pastor Todd Burpo and it tells the story of his son Colton who, at age 4, visited heaven. His visit came while he was on the operating table after suffering a burst appendix. He told his parents his story several months later and his parents then waited 6 or 7 years to record it in a book. That book has shot to the top of the charts, resulting in many of you sending me emails to ask, “Have you read it?” So I went ahead and read it. Because that’s the kind of guy I am.

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Is the Reformation Over?

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On March 1, 2006 at the Shepherd's Conference (hosted by Grace Community Church) in Sun Valley, California, Phil Johnson got up and gave a talk in which he titled "Is the Reformation Over?". Due to recent events at the C&MA in Canada, I have listened to this sermon and was going to write a summary for it, when I noticed that my friend Tim Challies ( already did back on that very day of March 1, 2006. As such, and as to not redo what another brother has done, I present Tim's summary of the talk here:

We are about to begin the first round of seminars. I have chosen to listen to Phil Johnson expose the “damning doctrines of Roman Catholicism” in a seminar entitled “Rome is Burning.” From what I know of Phil, he won’t pull any punches, but will continually turn back to Scripture to show where Catholicism has abandoned the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Why Satan Hates Your Family

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Our friend Tim Challies has an excellent article on his blog today titled:


Within the article Mr. Challies talks about how the family element is a tool through which God gives instruction and teaching. He (Challies) identifies 3 such areas through which God teaches us:

  1. God Uses Family to Teach Us about His Nature
  2. God Uses Family to Teach Us about His Gospel
  3. God Uses Family to Teach Us about His Church

Challies suggest that to understand God's nature, gospel and church, we first need to understand family.

Later on Mr. Challies discusses some of the ways a Family ministers to each other and the world around them.

To read the article, and learn more about this topic, please visit Why Satan Hates Your Family -